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  22nd - 23rd September  

  Sywell Classic   (Marshaling)

  15th October

  David Maitland Memorial

  Car Trial

  Club Championship Points

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Falcon is a member of the following Associations - member clubs running events will invite Falcon members to compete - if you are looking for an event have a look at their calendars: 

Association of Eastern Motor Clubs (AEMC) - web site

Association of South Easton Motor Clubs (ASEMC) - web site

Association of West Midlands Motor Clubs (AWMMC) - web site

Association of Classic Trials Clubs (ACTC) - web site

Anglian Motor Sports Club (AMSC) - web site


All events run by member clubs are regulated by the Motor Sports Association (MSA) - web site


Invitations from other clubs:


Anglia Motor Sports Club Trials calendar: click here


MGCC Midland Centre - 24th September - Autumn Trial - Burton Dassett - Regs



Anglia Motor Sports Club AutoSolo Calendar: click here


CSMA NEL (Boundless) - Haymaker AutoTest - Nr Dunstable 

13th August - Regs 


CSMA Proposed AutoTests -10th September, 8th October


Car Runs: