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Events Calendar 2020 

1st April                             AGM - Postponed

19th April                          Ivinghoe Spring Trial - Cancelled 

14th June                          Falcon Classic Tour - Cancelled 

3rd July                             Fish & Chip Run - Cancelled

23rd August                       AutoTest

19th - 20th September      Sywell Classic (Marshalling)

11th October                     David Maitland Memorial Trial   

1st November                   Guy Fawkes Trial 


Events Calendar 2021 (Proposed)

7th March                          March Hare (format to be decided)

7th April                             AGM

18th April                           Ivinghoe Spring Trial

20th June                          Falcon Classic Tour

2nd July                             Fish & Chip Run

22nd August                      Sywell AutoTest

17th - 19th September       Sywell Classic (Marshalling)

10th October                      David Maitland Memorial Trial

7th November                    Guy Fawkes Trial